Radiolocation of unique users

Published on 2015-02-16 11:02:08

In this project we build a system to track unique persons. It was designed so that it was able to determine in what room this person was and track the persons movement. The tracking of uses was achieved by combining measurements of several sensors. Each room featured a central motion sensor to determine if there was a person in the room at all. Then each door was fitted with distance sensors to detect if a person would move from one room to the other. To keep users apart we measured the signal strength of the bluetooth signal from their mobile phone in each room. Wall's block a lot of bluetooth signal, so it was very accurate to assume that the sensor with the highest signal strength would be the closest to the user.

Each room was equipped with a so called "node". This node consisted of a central processing unit, the motion sensor, the bluetooth sensor and a distance sensor for each door. It also had a radio and LED-strips attached to it. The radio was used to let each node communicate with a central computer. This computer would interpret all of the data collected by the nodes and determine the location of each user.

Using this data we developed a system that could control the lighting conditions in each room. The LED strips could be dimmed and change color according to the prescense of users. The central computer could also control speakers placed in each room independently. In this way each user would hear his own music when entering the room.